Education Issues
Providing Answers

Study Technology (Study Tech) provides answers to a wide range of education difficulties. It does so because it holds the key to unlocking the learning potential of all students of any age.

A vast number of apparently diverse educational problems exist: students who drop out of school only to end up on the street or in gangs, the student who is so restless and disruptive in class that he is given drugs to “help him focus” or to at least keep him quiet, adults who struggle to hide their noncomprehension of essential written material such as prescription labels, or adults who last read a book in high school when their teacher forced them to do so and who now struggle to comprehend or properly apply the tasks before them on their job, and many others.

These appear to be widely diverse situations. But the truth is, distilled to their essence, these problems all stem from the inability of the person to learn and to apply what he studies. Thus, L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology, which teaches a person how to learn and how to recognize and overcome the barriers that block learning, contains the breakthrough solution to all of these problems and more.

Study Technology is not a collection of study tips or memory tricks. It is not speed-reading or the latest method of taking better notes. Rather, in its full range, it is a powerful educational philosophy with clear techniques of application. It provides a system of learning how to learn. The use of Study Technology brings about in an individual an understanding of a subject coupled with the ability to apply what he has studied.

In the hands of a well-trained educator, Study Technology can unlock the barriers that have kept people illiterate or functionally illiterate. It can turn around a classroom of bored, disinterested and disruptive students and make them interested and even eager to learn. And with such learning, the doors to success are no longer barred.

Applied Scholastics courses in Study Technology are available for teachers, tutors and workplace trainers as well as for parents and students. These are tools that everyone needs. 
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