Delphi Academies comprise a network of schools featuring curricula entirely based on Study Technology.

Study Technology Made This Possible

“I am the founder of a technology company that grew from two employees to 1,200 in just over three years.

“I never attended college and I attribute much of my success to my education at the Delphian School in Oregon, which trains its students in the use of L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology. This technology allows you to get the most out of any subject. Knowing it, I was able to accomplish my post-high school education on my own.

“Being able to thoroughly understand any subject you tackle is an invaluable skill and L. Ron Hubbard’s Study Technology made this possible for me.” —S.D., Founder, Multinational Internet Service Provider

Never So Excited About Study as Now

“School had been very difficult for me and I was just barely making a passing grade. I was always upset and frustrated. Then I did an Applied Scholastics course called Study Skills for Life. I never had so much drive and I had never been so excited about studying. After doing that course and applying Study Technology I enjoyed studying everything. I then did the Basic Study Manual course and I moved faster than ever on my studies. Study Technology has given me the tools to make my dreams become reality.” —Y.A., High School Student

“Flabbergastingly” Quick at Learning

“With Study Technology, I am flabbergastingly quick at learning new things. One great example is when in three days, after studying the definitions of the words used in programming websites for the Internet, I created an awesome website, which incorporated my writing ability and 3D graphic artistry. I had no previous experience whatsoever with any type of programming prior to this endeavor.

“This school, with its truly workable Study Technology, really deserves an award. Believe me, I know.” —High School Freshman, Age 15

Changed the Way I Study, Live and Work

“I never thought that there was another way to study before I heard about Study Technology. As usual I went at it and tried the program to the best of my ability. I then realized after I finished Study Skills for Life that this man, L. Ron Hubbard, had changed not only the way I study but also the way I live and work at things. This is one thing that I will use for a long time in my life.” —Middle School Student, Toronto, Canada

My Ability to Study Has Greatly Improved

“A marked difference in my ability as a student was made upon the completion of my study of the Basic Study Manual. This book was not long-winded, esoteric or complex. It was quite the opposite. The simplicity of the writings, and the information contained therein, completely changed the way I studied. Since I have applied the information my ability to study, as well as my affinity for studying, has greatly improved.” —T.S., Age 17

It Was Like a Miracle

G.F.D., a 16-year-old girl had dropped out of school in the 10th grade, frustrated by her failure to learn the fundamentals of reading and spelling. This is what she had to say after receiving tutoring at her local center:

"It was like a miracle. After one and a half months I learned to read and spell. Yes, I am actually able to read whole books now. Since this, I started to have much more self-confidence and I now have the courage to attend evening school all on my own." —G.F.D.


“The Study Technology and the abilities that I have gained from the courses that I have done are unbelievable. I took the Grammar and Communication Course in Grade 10 and I have been getting straight As ever since. Not only have the courses helped my education, but I raised my self-esteem and confidence tremendously.” —E.F.