Curriculum Specialists
Learn How to Enhance Your Current Educational Program
With Study Technology

Applied Scholastics offers a basic training package to create core teams of Training Specialists who become qualified to instruct others in the fundamentals of Study Technology and integrate the principles into training activities that make students their own gatekeepers of knowledge and allow teachers to become facilitators. This program is specifically for educational or tutoring/mentoring institutions and departments of education that are implementing Study Technology in their organizations.

This package is composed of five courses covering the fundamentals of Study Technology, practical communication skills and the tools needed to convert any curriculum or texts into a fully flexible and differentiated learning model.

The following course modules may be completed in an estimated 128 classroom hours in 16 days at 8 hours per day or on a part-time schedule as arranged.

By the end of this basic training package, each Curriculum Specialist will be equipped with knowledge to build quality into his or her organization’s curriculum…

By the end of this basic training package, each Curriculum Specialist will be equipped with knowledge to build quality into his or her organization’s curriculum development and produce graduates who not only pass examinations but who can transform data into knowledge application for the future benefit and growth of themselves and their professional and societal spheres. 

Applied Scholastics training is interactive and emphasizes drilling, practical application and the acquisition and use of communication skills. Courses of study are open-entry, open-exit, with trainees moving through a course at their own speed, receiving individual attention as needed and remaining on the course until training objectives are achieved.


Study Tools for Educators
Class Time: 18 hours
Prerequisites: Current experience as an educator is recommended but not required.

The trainee will gain an understanding of and an ability to use the fundamentals of Study Technology including the three main barriers that prevent student learning and their physical and mental manifestations. The training will equip the educator with multiple tools for targeting these barriers with special emphasis on remedying these barriers rapidly in any educational setting or situation. The trainee will then be able to apply this acquired knowledge to his/her own experience and develop purposeful lesson plans that avoid these barriers and make teaching any subject more efficient and effective. 


Advanced Study Tools for Educators

Class Time: 16 hours
Prerequisites: Study Tools for Educators

This course builds upon the foundation of Study Tools for Educators with special emphasis on tools to increase comprehension. The trainee will acquire laser-precise techniques to assist new readers and semiliterates. The graduate will learn how to:

  • Assess, diagnose and remedy learning difficulties encountered by any student in the classroom or in personal study.
  • Increase speed of learning and ensure retention.
  • Prepare lesson plans for any subject that prevent learning difficulties.


Communication Skills

Class Time: 25 hours
Prerequisites: None

This course provides a definitive solution for classroom and student management. A vital ingredient in successful education is the quality of the communication between educator and students. In this course educators learn how to create a classroom culture built on student cooperation, leadership and helpfulness. They learn the essential formula for communication and how to apply this in any instructional situation. With increased communication skill, the graduate of this course will learn how to:

  • Obtain cooperation and engagement from students, including reluctant learners.
  • Present learning material in a manner that increases understanding.
  • Manage a classroom or group more effectively.


Fundamentals of Instruction Class

Time: 40-56 hours
Prerequisites: Effective Teaching Course or Advanced Study Tools for Educators Course or Basic Study Manual Course and Communication Skills Course

This course trains an educator to administer and supervise Applied Scholastics courses using a checksheet, a breakthrough in self-paced, individualized instructional methodology. Developed by Mr. Hubbard as a route to achieving mastery in the subject being taught, this instructional delivery system results in students who are able to learn effectively and to apply what they learn, while moving through their courses of study individually. This enables the educator to reach every student in the classroom and to empower students and perpetuate positive learning attitudes.

The certificate is valid for one year. To attain permanent certification, the Professional Supervisor’s Course must be completed during that time or a recertification class and exam will be required.


How to Write a Checksheet

Class Time: 24 hours
Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Instruction Course

The trainee will learn how to change a “one size fits all” classroom into a self-paced, individualized learning environment through the creation and utilization of the breakthrough instructional methodology of checksheets. The trainee will gain competence in converting traditional group lesson plans into personalized learning modules and creating effective and adaptable checksheets that facilitate differentiated learning resulting in 100 percent mastery of the subject matter. The trainee’s students will be better able to stay on task as a result of the customized checksheet directing them through each phase of instruction and drill.


Spanish Lake Campus Accommodations

On-campus meals and lodging are available at nominal cost while enrolled in Applied Scholastics training courses at Spanish Lake.

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