Frequently Asked Questions (continued)

How broadly is L. Ron Hubbard's Study Technology used?

  • Applied Scholastics operates through a network of over 760 centers and schools in over 70 nations.
  • Inner-city tutoring centers operate in major US population centers, including Los Angeles, New York City and Washington, DC.
  • Currently more than 30 similar community education programs are delivering this technology in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia and New Zealand.
  • In North America, over 15,000 teachers have been trained in Study Technology, with some 320 Applied Scholastics-licensed schools and centers operating in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • In South Africa, Education Alive has introduced Study Technology to tens of thousands of teachers and more than 1.5 million students.
  • Since 1984, Applied Scholastics has trained more than 5,000 teachers in the People’s Republic of China.
  • Since 1994, over 10,000 teachers in Zimbabwe have received training in Study Technology.
  • Since 2006, over 600 professors and 1,500 teachers in some dozen Nigerian educational institutes have been trained in Study Technology, funded by the governmental Education Trust Fund. As a result, a further 750,000 students have received the benefit of Study Technology. The Applied Scholastics Master Teacher program was implemented to maximize capacity for training in this populous nation.
  • Grappling with extremely high dropout rates and one of the worst classroom overcrowding ratios in the world, over 1,000 teachers in the Philippines have been trained in Study Technology, resulting in more than 90,000 students introduced to its principles.
  • At the request of the Secretary of State for Education of The Gambia, Study Technology was implemented in the entire national school system, with over 5,500 teachers trained—nearly every English-speaking teacher in the country.

Where can I find an Applied Scholastics school, tutoring center or training program?

Applied Scholastics education programs now operate in over 70 nations on six continents. Click here to find the Applied Scholastics school, program or center nearest you.

For more information, please call 877-75-LEARN or email

If there is no Applied Scholastics group or activity in my area, how can I learn to use Study Technology?

Books and correspondence courses on Study Technology, published by Effective Education Publishing, are available from Applied Scholastics International.

 To view and order materials, you can call 877-75-LEARN or contact us by clicking here. >>